WUXI HENGXIN BEISHI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (HXBS in short) is a supplier of metal screw pump and support technology in China and provides metal screw pump products and systems for customers who need to transport important and high-value fluid media safely and efficiently. HXBS owns innovative and leading metal screw pump brand and has ISO certified production base in Wuxi city, China. HXBS is committed to technological innovation that benefits China, Asia and the world. Our priority task is to provide future innovative fluid delivery solutions and products at the moment to provide you with market expertise and value-added services.

Since its establishment, HXBS has always been committed to providing excellent products and services for customers, which fully reflects HXBS 'commitment to excellent operation, innovation and as a core competitor in the market.

Application Fields of HXBS Metal Single Screw Pump

Petroleum industry: Transportation of crude oil, mixture of crude oil and water, mixture of gas and water in coal fields, and injection of polymers into the stratum, etc.
Transportation of environmental protection, industrial sewage, domestic sewage, sludge and turbid water containing solid particles and short fibers, especially used in oil and water separator.
Plate and frame filter press equipment, etc.

Ship industry: Wheel bottom cleaning, transmission of oily water, oily sludge, oily sewage and other media.

Medicine and daily chemicals: All kinds of viscous slurry, emulsion, all kinds of ointment.
Food can industry: All kinds of sticky starch, strong wine, food product slag, all kinds of sauce, pulp, and solid slurry.
Construction industry: Spraying of cement mortar, lime slurry, paint, and paste body.
Mining industry: Solid particles in the mine, groundwater, and slurry water.
Chemical industry: All kinds of suspensions, greases, all kinds of colloidal slurry, all kinds of adhesives, printing, papermaking: high viscosity ink, wallpaper PVC polymer plastic paste and pulp at varied concentrations, short fiber slurry, industrial boiler.
Power plant: Coal water slurry transportation.